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easy chicken

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It was on a windy day. When I say windy, I mean it was blowing a hurricane. Leaves blown like confetti mix with flying trash in a display of dancing candy wrappers, bus tickets and beer cans all tumbling and scatter and sent flying again with every thrusting whoosh of wind. Children stagger drunk pressing their faces forward. Hands clamped on hat and scarf. Making the slow way home into the solid air. I’m enjoying this show from behind closed windows. I can see the glass flex in the frame as each gust slams hard and there’s a howling somewhere like a scalded wolf. It’s getting worse. Here comes the rain now driving low and horizontal. Almost not reaching the ground. So where is the cat?

I should be worried about a tree crashing through the wall. The certainty of a power cut. But where is that darned cat? Bam! There she is. Face squashed against the window and whoompf! She’s gone again. Blown from the windowsill before I can grab her up. Front door braced open and Kitty flies in. Shot from a cannon all blur of fur. I squeeze the door closed again.

I need to feed the wandering mog. That gets me thinking. What’s for dinner anyway? It’s cold and hailing a gale. I want comfort food fast. I’ve got chicken thighs and drumsticks. No not those kind… I keep those ones in my old sports bag. So it’s going to be chicken and cherry tomatoes done in the oven? Quick and easy, tasty and warming. My take on a Jamie Oliver recipe – he’s a drummer as well ya know. Cooking and rhythms, all the same stuff really.
Forget the storm outside. Time to cook up a storm in the kitchen!

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This is the easiest recipe in the Galaxy.
Here’s what you need:

  • 4 chicken thighs or legs
  • A couple of handfuls of cherry tomatoes
  • A large can of tomatoes
  • A whole bulb of garlic
  • 2 dried chillies
  • Some chopped fresh (or dried) basil
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper

easy chicken

Put the chicken thighs or legs into an oven dish.

easy chicken

And the fresh cherry tomatoes.

easy chicken

And the can of tomatoes (I like the cherry toms in sauce, by the way)… And the garlic (split apart, but still in their skins)… And the chillies, the basil, a good glug of olive oil and some salt and pepper.

easy chicken

In fact… just throw everything together into a medium hot oven (180°C) for 90 minutes and Bingo!
Its done and ready to serve with whatever you fancy. Rice, pasta, noodles, potatoes, crusty bread etc.

easy chicken

Make sure to give it a good stir after 45 minutes, and then take it out after 90… it really is that easy. Enjoy!

easy chicken

So then…

Now back to my teeny tiny studio jammed into the corner my little work room and get down to cooking some beats and who do I find looking very much at home by the effects rack staring out the window at the shredding storm?
She yawns. She flexes and arches. Soon she is dreaming cat dreams.

easy chicken

Sub-bass thumpy beats pulsing from the monitors. Its not thunder.
It’s a Kitty lullaby – Zozzzz

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