red and who?


Red and Juicy is all about a love for great tasting, nutrition-packed foods with plenty of bright colours, especially red and especially tomato.

Every recipe is a precious memory (whether real or imagined) told here as a simple story. Where did the recipe come from, how was it discovered, invented, first enjoyed? Where and who with and why are all questions each recipe answers. Or doesn’t.

The collaboration between the writers is like cooks in a kitchen, musicians in a band or dancers dancing anywhere. It’s a party, a celebration of colour and flavour and the chance to tell a tale or two.

Preparing good food is like telling a good story. It’s all about sharing.


Red and Juicy contributors:

Dave Drum
I’m a rhythmatist, occasional fire breather and dedicated cook. In between performing, i’ve worked a lot of restaurant kitchens as well so I’ll try to bring a few tricks of the trade of my own and from my favourite cooks.


For me, it’s all about flavours and more flavours. Of course the showman in me wants the food to perform visually as well, so colours are king. Red is my favourite. I’ve always been a total fan of tomatoes above all other fruit. Since I was a little kid and lucky enough to know the great smell of fresh tomato plants in our little garden, I was hooked on the fresh crunchy, rich red, slightly salted satisfaction of a tomato sandwich as well as every kind of tasty tomato sauce, soup, salsa, curry or casserole and the gazillion other ways you can cook those little red beauties into culinary masterpieces all packed with rich flavours and tons of nutritious goodness.

I could bang on for weeks about little, sweet cherry tomatoes, canned or fresh, I don’t care, just bring them here now. Let the show begin!

Paula Bass
I’m a bassist, singer and writer of songs, blogs, travel guides and translations – in other words a typical adventurous, happy-go-lucky Sagittarius with passion for new sights, sounds and flavours!


I can’t read music, and I hardly ever use recipes for cooking, I just improvise as I go, just like when I’m playing the bass: it’s all about spontaneity, creativity and capturing the right tune or ingredient for each moment (or whatever leftovers I have in the fridge).
I lived in Barcelona for eight years, played in almost every venue there with my rock band and visited almost every restaurant, tapas bar and cafeteria for my alternative travel guide, so I got to know Spanish cooking – and wines! – quite well. (And to know it is to love it!)
Now I live in my birth city, Helsinki and I’m a big fan of the local superfood scene here. I don’t eat meat (except for seafood) but I’d never even dream of trying to “convert” others: food is something personal and the most important thing is to enjoy what you’re doing, playing, listening or eating. Food fascism sucks and you know what they say: life is too short (to remove the USB safely).
My favourite food? Blue mussels, smoked whitefish, wild mushroom, blueberry pie, Andalucian gazpacho, Japanese sushi, Thai curry… whatever it is, it has to be colourful, fresh, funny, yummy, beautiful and cooked from the heart! And better still, enjoyed with a nice glass of wine, exciting music and good company! Amor & Arte!

Stanley Mars
While a rampant fan of cycling, fooding, listening to music and photographing, my biggest love in life is writing and reading. Just now I’m taking an English and Creative Writing BA in the City of Glasgow, and always trying to push my talents and influences as far as they can go.


Glasgow’s a great city for food, music, literature and art, but it’s also a brilliant spot to photograph with all that industrial architecture and friendly faces.
I dolt over a vast selection of genres in music and fiction, and luckily this enthusiasm applies to food, too. I also tend to savour cooking and preparing food as much – or more – than actually eating it. Well, that’s maybe an exaggeration.
My one downfall with creating food is baking, which never seems to go right. Despite how much fun it is.
I feel with cooking it’s the little details that make a huge amount of difference. Rather like anything in life. Curries, kebabs, sandwiches, stews, soups, even a fry up – the slightest little addition makes it unique. Almost an extension of the cook’s personality; like how a painting, description, photograph or sample of music carries traits from the person who created it.
My favourite ingredient, I think, has to be the red pepper. Strangely, this is more of a visual choice than anything else. The shape, the colour, the differing textures – it’s incredible. I even have a specific chopping technique for getting every scrap of veg from it as beautifully and efficiently as possible. Basing a food preference on sight might seem weird, but everything tastes so good, sometimes the final decision makes sense even if it’s for the ‘wrong’ reasons.