Heat breaker Gazpacho

Heat breaker

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Here we are in the early days of Spring and my thoughts wander to daydreams of the impending flesh-frying heat of summer in Barcelona, where I live. A city by the sea, the summer air sweats like a sauna and fuses to the arcing white-hot radiance from that burning fireball in the sky. You move. You sweat. Stand still too long and the sidewalk grills the soles of your feet. Keep your shirt on, you’ll bake to a crispy corpse. Take it off and the meat is cooked on the bone. Just add sun tan oil and a few herbs and serve yourself up as medium well done. Most of tourists from the North are wearing that pinky red scorched skin look and it looks like a whole lot of hurt.
It gets hot here. I’m telling ya. [Read more…]

jewel in the crown fruit salad

Jewel in the crown

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We were crammed into a route that snaked through the narrow claustrophobic streets near the old Born market, a once notorious barrio of south central Barcelona. It was Halloween and freezing cold and I was breathing flames and playing djembe with a mixed street circus group of Basque and Catalan crazies seriously set on intimidating the innocent pedestrians with shrieks, booming drums, clanging bells and heavy duty playback all with fireworks and flames and hardly room to turn round and not burn off someone’s eyelashes. It getting too packed with people, I’m thinking, and each time I spew a ball of fire to the heavens, I’m blowing more directly up each time directly above my own face for fear of barbequing the back of somebody’s head. [Read more…]