classical gazpacho

classical gazpacho

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Its not the first time its happened. They’ve been here before. I just didn’t expect them to arrive with such a raging hunger this time. Good job we made some earlier.

I forgot to bring my magic carpet. Every drummer has one. Set-up your drums on it so they don’t slide across the floor. My bass drum is skidding about on the tile floor of this garage. Every time I hit the pedal it slides further away from me until my stretched out leg is playing it on tip toes. Time for the duct tape and some string.

My thundertone-earthquake bass playing brother Al#B is tuning up causing dogs to howl and birds to fall out of trees a half mile away. No car in the garage and it sounds really boomy in here. We’re just warming up and I already feel sorry the neighbours. The tin roof flexes from the sub-bass pressure from his amp. The doors rattle and buzz threatening to pop the hinges and fly into the street. We like it loud.

Just bass and drums today kicking around some grooves, making a load of hideous shrieking, crashing-row that sounds like the demolition of a multi-story car park, all falling rubble and twisted re-bar. Turn it up some more and start beating on those tubs. 20 minutes of non-stop frenzy and my eyeballs are trying to escape my skull and Al’s sub-bass is making it hard to see or breath.

Then the ground starts to shake. Wait a minute. CrashHHhAzzzxxK! [Read more…]